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Re-Driver (IRD) Technology

Transforming High-Speed Data Connectivity

TeraSignal stands at the forefront of transforming high-speed data communication with its intelligent CMOS-based re-driver solutions tailored for intelligent LPO modules. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates low latency and power efficiency, enhancing link capabilities and diagnostics while ensuring rapid deployment. TeraSignal’s IRD technology deliver unmatched performance across both fiber and copper networks. The introduction of CMOS re-driver devices, featuring intelligence embedded within the re-driver, marks a significant leap forward for the optical interconnect industry. These devices emulate the functionality of DSPs while offering significantly lower power consumption and minimal latency.


Link Diagnostics Capabilities

Intelligent automation capabilities are central to IRD technology is its. TeraSignal’s technology innovation introduces an array of industry-first features, including programmable drive voltage, digital eye monitor for real-time link performance insights, and link training with host SerDes, setting a new industry standard for optical module performance and reliability. This breakthrough facilitates a closed-loop system that not only identifies but also rectifies link issues in real time, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality data transmission across the board. The advanced CMOS implementation reduces power consumption by as much as 50% compared to existing silicon germanium (SiGe) solutions and significantly boosts link reliability and performance through link monitoring and adaptive control capabilities.

Technology Benefits

Join us on the journey to redefine what’s possible with Intelligent LPO modules. Explore how our IRD technology can transform your network’s efficiency, reliability, and performance. Welcome to the future of high-speed interconnects, powered by TeraSignal.

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Low Power

TeraSignal's IRD technology sets a new benchmark in power efficiency. Based on sophisticated CMOS design techniques, these devices achieve remarkably lower power consumption compared to traditional DSP and SiGe-based alternatives. This leap in energy efficiency reflects TeraSignal's commitment to sustainable and cost-effective data transmission solutions.

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Low Latency

IRD technology represents a paradigm shift in reducing latency. Unlike DSP-based retimers, which inherently introduce delays through discrete-time signal processing, IRD technology eliminates these latency-inducing stages. The result is a significant decrease in data transmission latency, enabling faster, more efficient communication across networks.

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Link Diagnostics with Digital Eye Monitor

Equipped with an advanced digital eye monitor, IRD technology offers a level of diagnostic capability and flexibility not seen in previous re-driver generations. This feature enables real-time, detailed insights into link performance, dramatically enhancing signal integrity and network reliability.

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Integration and Link Training

IRD technology simplifies network infrastructure upgrades by supporting effortless integration and automatic configuration with host SerDes. This capacity for seamless link training ensures that high-speed optical links are deployed swiftly and operate at peak efficiency, streamlining the overall network setup and maintenance process.

Fast Time to Market

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond product development. TeraSignal's solutions are engineered for rapid deployment, enabling quicker time to market for your projects and products. This agility ensures that you stay ahead in the competitive landscape of technology advancements.

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Fiber and Copper Flexibility

TeraSignal’s IRD solutions transcend conventional limitations, delivering superior performance over both fiber and copper interconnects. This versatility ensures that regardless of your infrastructure's composition, our technology enables seamless integration, enhancing overall network efficiency and connectivity.

Why Choose Our Semiconductors

Industry-Leading Performance

TeraSignal's products are engineered to deliver industry-leading performance, ensuring that organizations stay ahead of the competition.

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Reliability and Durability

Built to withstand the demands of even the most challenging environments, our products are designed for reliability and durability.

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Scalability and Flexibility

With scalability and flexibility in mind, TeraSignal's products can easily adapt to evolving business needs and requirements.

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Ease of Integration

Seamlessly integrate TeraSignal's products into existing infrastructure with ease, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

What is an Intelligent LPO?

Intelligent linear pluggable optical (LPO) modules, as pioneered by TeraSignal, represent a significant advancement in the field of AI and compute interconnects. These modules, powered by the intelligent TS8401/02 product series, are equipped with TeraSignal’s CMOS-based IRD technology, revolutionizing the way data centers operate. Unlike traditional LPO modules, intelligent LPOs are designed with embedded microcontrollers that automate critical adjustments, providing automatic adaptation, digital link monitoring, and training capabilities. This not only simplifies the integration, interoperability, and deployment processes but also enhances the performance and reliability of data center connectivity. The incorporation of digital eye monitor diagnostics and link accountability features transforms these modules into self-optimizing systems, capable of addressing the complex requirements of AI and compute-intensive applications inside data centers with unprecedented efficiency and lower latency.

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